Visually design user journeys and translate them into your favourite programming environment with "hackable" code architectures

Design user stories on a visual sketchboard 💭 🗺️

Visualize your users perspectives on a digital board and create the right thing including database, API and frontends. Emphasize an all-compatible, event-driven software specification and let the codeboard introduce you to inclusive communication, product differentiation and efficient improvements.

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Build the next thing ⤑

3, 2, 1, ... code results 🤖💥

Get your best practice architecture in seconds. Our robots create repositorys with fully customizable, high performant code recurringly from accessible, extensible templates. So the focus can lie on the distinctive parts of your mission.
Our robots don’t need breaks nor do they type mistakes. Plus, as Mr. Asimov wanted it, they follow exactly your instructions through the templates. Save time and increase code quality. You'll never again want to go without.

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Get to know your new buddies ⤑

Plan A ✔️👯

Organize your team well and reach your goals in perfect estimability. Every item in codeboard is a purpose-driven, right sized chunk. Each item comes with tracking progress and responsibilities, plus an outstanding testability. Foster an all-time transparency when talking about goals as a no-brianer.

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Go with visual communication (and leave boring texts) ⤑

continuous translation for every technology ✨ 🏁

Integrate our premade technologies, or your own in seconds.
Our published, state-of-the-art template-bundles can be used for different use-cases and technologies. Working with them can change complex codebases in (almost) real time, ongoingly. So don't worry, your code stays where it is. Plus, you can create, or upload your own reusable template stack by converting existing code. Share templates between workspaces in realtime to make everyone profit.
For really real, agile growth.

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I need to see it with my own eyes 👀 ⤑

Never stop building because of time.
Create the full thing with clever automation in hours or days, instead of weeks or months.



Code Quality

Codeboard automates, what's useful for you in every area of your repository. Real humans do the rest, so people and machines walk hand in hand.
Open source is the core value.



Build your custom template for your style: get into writing templates fast, with live-preview and autocompletion. Or customize the outcome in pre-made, or self-made areas.


Collaborate with as many mates and clients you have, or will have:
With workspaces, roles, progress-tracking, presets...
We got them all.



Working with code never touch any other machine than your personal one. Date gets encrypted and we use high security datacenters. Plus, you can opt out  always and proceed with your results in every preferred manner.




You work speedy? No Wi-fi? We got you with shortcuts or offline-mode... And we won't stop adding more features.

Also, our goal is to integrate with many different platforms and tools.

Voices & Feedback


Do I need to know how to write code?

Codeboard is here for everyone. Codeboard's goal is to support and empower developers, programmers and their surrounding teams to create outstanding software.

What types of applications can be created on codeboard?

Favorite applications are high-performant, secure, growing web systems with user-driven frontends and a high connectivity for every complexity. You can use it with technologies and frameworks starting from common frontend-frameworks like React, Angular, Vue or Svelte to protocols like RESTful, WebHooks, WebSockets or GraphQL to Services like AWS, Azure GCP or AirTable. We don't care if you want to go with serverless functions, microservices or good monoliths. Codeboard produces the so-called "infrastructure" for programmers which then can focus on the individual, non-automatable business logic or user experience. We support every known development environments so programmers can rely on their existing setup. Codeboard translates code into every kind of programming language and technology: our favorites are TypeScript, C#, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, C++, Python, Rust, CSS, SCSS, .Git, Ruby, YML, .env, makefile and many others. Plus you can always reach out to us and we add the desired language for you on the fly.

Hosting, Migrations, Support?

Our platform is designed to provide you with everything you need to publish results in only a few clicks and commands - for example with AWS, GCP or Azure. Also, our community is on your side. If you purchase our enterprise plan, we'll be up to help you individually, so we get you right on track with your development and offer you extended functionalities to integrate your already existing setup.

What if I want to leave?

That's no problem. We carefully designed our platform to work with no dependencies, so you always can opt-out while keeping your results. But of course, when you leave, you loose our benefits. 🌴 🙃

What about the results?

Our professional bundles base on future proof, field tested software systems in different branches and follow best practice. Default templates will always remain up to date. If you want to apply custom changes, you can implement them privately in your workspace with the IDE or propose changes to us. We also give you the possibility to upload and integrate your already existing technology easily on the fly. If you want us to maintain custom templates let us know. With our software development team we are able to maintain your projects and keep them updated all the time.

Can I contribute?

We love to publish your favorite technology stack and we want you to have a share 🤑. Just make a contact.

My work is important. Is #TBA secure?

In Short: Yes. Codeboard runs on Google's App Plattform Firebase and supports highest security standards for example with MIT-enabled AES-256 encryption for your valuable data.

How can I trust you not to loose my important results?

Codeboard stores your work only as a specification, and in versions. Results are processed only locally on your machines and support common restoration strategies like Git. Even if a cloud of meteorits crashes all of our multi-location data-centers, you are responsible for your code. If you need the safest road, you may duplicate the specifications as files in one line of our template and store them right next to your code.

How do I know codeboard won’t shut down, forcing me back to the Stone Age 🏹🗿?

Our current financing strategy keeps our apps online for at least the next thirty years. The terms and conditions for our subscriptions guarantee you an uptime promise of 99,999% for the current period. If somehow the unforeseen event entries, that codeboard needs to shut down its doors we guarantee you to publish the codebase and documentation as open source in a predictable time, so you can maintain, host and develop everything easily to your own needs.

Was codeboard built on the codeboard?

Yes, kind of. We proudly created every feature with the help of a predecessor (former By now codeboard is optimized as the third generation.

What do I need to get started?

You can get your account directly here. We highly recommend you to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium. As of now, we rely on these browsers for a reason: Chromium is the first commonly used browser-engine that allows the local code generation from your web browser directly into the file-system. In future versions surely more browsers, desktop applications, a CLI and IDE-Plugins will be supported. Supportively we want you to use your already known development setup, like e.g. your common IDE or your Git.

How can I pay?

You can purchase our subscriptions directly in the apps (via with Credit Card or PayPal. If you need Enterprise features, or payments gateways don't hesitate to get in touch with us 👋.

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